Recalling the Past

In the winter of 2012, I was contacted by the webmaster for Memories of Blackville, Wes McLaughlin. He wanted to know if the students in the Writing 110 class could participate in a local history project. The students, working alone or as a pair, were given the task to try to capture some aspect of local history through whatever medium they felt would be most effective. Some did video interviews of community members while other students wrote "historical fiction" pieces. The project was called "Recalling the Past," and it was not entirely new to the Writing 110 class. A few years prior students did a similar project, but this time the students not only had the opportunity to upload their material to their own writing blogs, but a local website published their material as well. Les effectively captured all the work on the Memories of Blackville website in May of 2012. The project was also a finalist in the 2013 Anglophone North School District's CUTE (Creative Use of Technology in Education) Awards in the 21st Century Learning High School Category.

Below is an example of one of the projects, as well as the link to Memories of Blackville where the projects have all been compiled for viewing.

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